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Cruise Testimonials
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What guests are saying about the Dave Koz Cruise

We made our way to Venice spending a few days there and then on to the cruise – cannot even explain how excited I was when we checked in.  I had waited for a year and a half.  Little did we all know what was in store for us.  The ports were all so exciting but the real highlight of this trip was the music.  ABSOLTUELY PHENOMENAL! We never wanted to go to sleep because we did not want to miss anything.  It was non stop and just so fantastic!  All of the entertainers were so gracious and was so nice to see them all out and about with the guests – on and off the boat!  Always available for pictures and autographs or a conversation. I did not want it to end!!

Mona B.

My husband, Oliver, and I had a grand time on this DKozCruise. It was “assolutamente magnifico”. And Dave is right when he wrote in his Thank-you letter that it is very difficult to describe with words alone the experience of this particular cruise. And this is our fourth!! We are blessed to be able to go cruising in such a fashion. Everyone was gracious, from the performers/artists to our fellow cruisers to the Holland America crew.

We would like express our heart-felt thanks to the whole Dave Koz Cruise team for a job very well done!! And our gratitude to all the performers for sharing with us their many talents.

Melendre S.

Wow!!! There are no words that can describe the love and gratitude I have towsrds you and the amazing artists you had on our cruise…everything was beyond what I could posdibly imagine. THANK YOU, thank you, tbank you for making this trip unforgettable and the BEST vacation ever!! Love to you and all the musicians that helped to make this a trip I will never forget!!! Much love and appreciation

Kathy P.

Best most wonderful trip I have ever been on, absolutely fabulous! Had been trying for years to get on one of your cruises and this was a dream come true. You can be sure this will not be the last. See you in the summer at the Side by Side Tour.

Barbara B.

I’m a traveler!! Been a lot of places with a lot of people!! The 2017 Dave Koz Cruise was Spectacular!! Dave Koz, you are Spectacular!! It is you who emits a glorious spirit in all the facets of your being that radiates out to all of us, making us want to be part of such a great aura. We all feel like we’re part of a big, wonderful family. I still feel it; can’t stop telling people. I’m not on social networks but I will , after 2018, always go wherever you go. I’m now going to proudly become a “Dave Koz Cruise Junkie”! Thank you, thank you , thank you!!!

Victoria S.

You have no idea of how much this trip meant to me, because I can’t even find all the words myself. There’s no way for me to join 2018, but I’m EAGERLY awaiting the 2019 release. Australia and New Zealand are my ULTIMATE bucket list locations. No better way to go than with you! Again, I thank ALL involved, behind the scenes to make the additional magic that brings it all together. Thank Mary for all her work to get Dave everywhere he needed to be. She’s a gem!

Lenita J.

Have been meaning to write and thank you so much for one of the best vacations ever. Entertainment was off the charts. You were all so real, warm and caring and put your heart and soul into every performance. The whole ship became one big happy family with the same thing in common. Loved sharing the after hours getting to know and take pictures with you and the other entertainers either in different lounges on ship or casino, etc. Met the nicest people. Made a lot of friends . Have been wanting to join your cruise for years and finally made it. It was everything I could wish for. Thank you also for the lovely gifts sent to our stateroom each night. Love each and every one. Will not be making 2018 cruise but hope for the next. Going to try and make your Westbury appearance in July. Also would like to say it was my first cruise on Holland America and the first time for an inside cabin and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise and the food was excellent. I have always been a big Royal Caribbean fan. Thanks again for one of the best times in my life. Hope to see you soon, maybe in Westbury next month. Have some great pictures including one of me, you and Barbara but don’t know if I will be able to put them on facebook since up I am not on facebook but thinking about it. Keep up the good work!! see you soon, hopefully in July.


I just arrived home from the most fabulous time of my life. It feels as though I am being thanked when in fact, I should be pouring out thanks and appreciation for the best hospitality, generosity and thrills of my life. Dave Koz and Friends outdid themselves; especially the seemingly selfless, Mr Koz himself, who embellished each and every performance creating heightened enjoyment and appreciation… You know I just don’t know if there are words enough to accurately express what the experience has done for me. I told my friends that if I died today, they should celebrate because I had the happiest days ever and can’t imagine anything topping my Dave Koz & Friends at Sea experience. My friends and family are saying the same thing: that I look like I dropped years and loads of stressed and that gives testament to having had a blast!!!!! I could go on and on…. WHAT HUGE HEARTs Dave Koz and Friends have; their thoughtfulness and friendliness brought tears to my eyes many times during the cruise. Thank you for the tributes to great musicians and singers who have died.

Glennis B

After being on 189 cruises…I must say this was the most amazing experience I’ve had! Exceeded expectations like I never imagined! Hats off to all those who do what they do with passion! Thanks Tracy, Ann & team for allowing Tammy and I to be a part of your crew!!! WOW!! What a difference this week has made in my world! Alaska here we come!

Juli B

Dave’s talent, his personality, his sense of humor and his showmanship are just a few of the many reasons I have sailed on FIVE cruises featuring Dave Koz; I also must thank Dave for enriching my life with his music and his generosity in expanding MY circle of friends to include many special people I have met on cruises he’s hosted. Muchisimas Gracias from a grateful fan in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Rita T

Not only was this the best vacation my husband I ever experienced but you were a magnanimous host and a fabulous ambassador for jazz enthusiasts and mentor for upcoming talent. You totally succeeded in providing more opportunities for phenomenal quality music and up close and personal exposure to talent than one could possibly fit in a daily schedule.


Thank you very much for your endless attention to everyone, for the beautiful music played and the fun that we all enjoyed very much! It was a great experience being my first jazz cruise!

Martha P

We had a great time!! I know so much planning went into this cruise to make it special and it truly was a special week. Everything was great. The music, the food, the weather, the crew, and the ports. The musicians were very approachable and friendly too. They appeared to be as happy as I was to be aboard the Navigator of the Seas. A big Thank-You for a wonderful vacation and for your kindness. Thank-you for the nightly gifts to keep the wonderful memories alive.

Chris H

It was the best trip of a lifetime!


Geez…. Thanks Dave… For all the memories made possible on this Fan-tabulous cruise! I shall never forget this one..!!!!!!!


The trip was amazing I really enjoyed myself. The best vacation I had.


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