Internet Access Guests can purchase and connect to satellite internet 24 hours a day on each ship in the Holland America Line fleet, either by accessing our wireless network or utilizing the workstations located in the Explorations Café. Internet Plans vary in price to accommodate individual needs and are interchangeable between the workstations in the Explorations Café and your wireless device. Note that satellite connections may be adversely impacted by physical obstacles such as fjords and inclement weather and the speed is notably slower than shoreside connections. Wireless Internet Service Each Holland America Line vessel offers wireless access throughout the ship. Guests may use their laptop computer or other wireless internet enabled device to purchase and connect to the wireless internet service on board. Explorations Café powered by The New York Times The Explorations Café, powered by The New York Times offers a comfortable, coffee house environment where you can purchase and connect to the internet using provided workstations or by using your own wireless internet device, such as a laptop computer, iPad or mobile phone. AT&T Mobile Packages Guests with AT&T service may choose from a selection of packages offering discounted rates for international calls, texts and data while on board. Choose from options for calling only, calling and messaging or calling, messaging and data. Click here for complete details on plans and full terms and conditions. Mobile Phone Service Holland America, through an agreement with Wireless Maritime Service, proudly offers an advanced roaming network onboard all Holland America ships allowing you to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and access emails and surf the web while at sea using your own mobile phone and telephone number. The Wireless Maritime Service system is available for use when the ship is in international waters. When user’s phones pick the shipboard signal, their phone will usually display “cellular at sea”, “Ship Roam”or “901-18”. Depending on the handset and the carrier the user may be required to select “Roam” on the handset. For frequently asked questions about cell phone service on board, please go to For questions about your service or about billing, please contact your home network customer service.